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Lesson 1

What is academic integrity?

What is academic integrity?

The word integrity comes from the Latin word integritas, which stands for entirety, indivisibility, wholeness, as well as personal fairness, independence, probity, integrity and commitment to specific values and behaviour.
Academic integrity is an ethical codex according to which the members of the academic community should act. When you begin your University studies, it is important not just to be successful during your studies, but to also establish your success in respect of academic integrity.

To succeed in that, it is necessary to learn and apply the basic values of academic integrity. The international centre for academic integrity defines this term through six basic values: HONESTY, TRUST, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND COURAGE. Academic integrity refers to all members of the academic community: academic staff, students, and administration staff.

In this course, you will get answers to the questions what academic integrity is and why it’s so important at University, and how you as a student can act according to academic integrity. We hope that at the end of the course you will not only learn the answers to those questions, but also accept them as a basis for continuing your studies.

What is academic integrity