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Lesson 4

Advice to students

When you start your University studies you become a member of the academic community. The final goal of every member of the academic community is to work for the well being of society as a whole through studying, teaching and scientific work. In order for that to be achieved, it is necessary to act according to the rules of academic integrity, respecting ethical values and standards of the academic community.

By cheating on exams, buying seminar papers, plagiarising and forging, students deceive only themselves; it is your education and your future- don’t deprive yourself!

Why do some students plagiarise?

In a poll that was conducted before writing this course, University students in Montenegro agreed that laziness, pressure to pass an exam at any cost, lack of interest for the subject, lack of time, and insufficient academic writing knowledge are the most common motives for plagiarism. Good organisation and working on time will give you the opportunity to refer to your professors and their assistants for help if you don’t understand something.

Advice to students